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April 29th, 2018

Episode 11 – The Problem with Hari Kondabolu not Apu

This week Marc and Bob talk about Bill Cosby being found guilty and what it would be like if he served time in prison. They also talk about prostitution and the Lu Lu Spa, in NYMills getting busted. At the 47:00 minute mark, the biggest part of the show. The guys take a part piece by piece the TruTv documentary, “The problem with Apu”, and its creator Hari Kondabolu. They expose the contradictions of the Hari, and his bad attemt at humor on a serious subject. the bad editing Hari did on making his point with the interviews he did with, Kal Penn, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Russell Peters, Whoopi Goldberg, Dana Gould and even his own parents. they show you his obsession with Hank Azaria and his tantrum for not getting him on his documentary. Questions, comments, complaints can be sent to www.bmtalk02.com and from there you can link up to the facebook page, twitter, email, and Radio Public. https://play.radiopublic.com/bm-talk-with-marc-bob-6pnpma

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