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May 11th, 2018

Episode 13 – The Clean Show

Is this week’s episode the guys try to keep it clean and not swear throughout the whole show. Listen and see if they succeed. Listen to them discuss Marc’s medications, his diarrhea, and raw asshole from wiping too much. Hear their Mother’s Day plans for the weekend. Bob’s song parody of Hungry Eyes about former New York mayor and current Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani. They also discuss the recent KKK Flyers being passed around the small town of Westmoreland and the absurdity of one woman’s worry about said pamphlets. Also hear the oh my Lanta theme and hear about the bit that will be debuting next week featuring Bob’s mother. And finally here about 1 YouTubers comment about the show they did a couple weeks ago talking about the Hari kondabolu documentary the problem with Apu. And don’t forget to check out the web page www.bmtalk02.com. and give us a call on the pipeline and leave a voice mail 315-293-2999

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