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June 5th, 2018

Episode 25 – LeBron James

In this show, the guys discuss the arrest of an old man at a Dennys, who slapped a waitress on the ass.  This happened in Rome, NY.  Then for the rest of the show Marc discussed the LeBron James controversial foul or not foul call in game 2 of the NBA finals.  He commented on a video Michael Rappaport posted on Facebook and opened the flood gates to one off the biggest debates in basketball, who is better, LeBron James or Michael Jordan. Give us your thoughts. Visit the website http://www.bmtalk02.com, call the pipeline and leave a message, 315-293-2999. And check out the video of the show on YouTube.  And don’t forget to like, share, subscribe, and help spread the word like shit on toilet paper.

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