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June 28th, 2018

Episode 37 The Messed Up Board & Basketball

In this show the mixing board craps out and they are unable to play any sound effects, music or prayer to Howard Stern.  So they do the show dry.  Not only do they bitch about the board not working properly, Marc brings up the NBA awards show.  Where Bill Russell flipped the middle finger to Charles Barkley, in jest.  And he had to apologize for it.  They talk about how things seems to be moving backwards instead of progressing forward.  They also talk about LeBron James and where he might play next year in the NBA.  Yes, it’s a sports heavy show.   Mainly basketball.  So if you don’t like it….go fuck yourself, we don’t care our board don’t work. Give us your thoughts. Visit the website http://www.bmtalk02.com, call the pipeline and leave a message, 315-293-2999. And check out the video of the show on YouTube. And don’t forget to like, share, subscribe, and help spread the word like a pornstar spreads for anal.

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