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August 7th, 2018

Episode 44 – Reggie Jackson

 The Reggie Jackson episode. Not that it has anything to do with Reggie Jackson except it was his jersey number. In this show Bob tells a funny story about his newspaper lady and a restaurant called mothers. And how an old lady waitress one of her saggy tits droops onto his friend John Paul’s toast. Bob also mentions how his upstairs neighbors are very loud and it sounds like elephants walking around upstairs. The guys discuss how to annoy the anti-italian Oxford apartment people. Bob forgets a couple things that he wants to say and can’t remember what that was. Bob is also topless for the show. Marc’s kids are there and Vinny cries, the kids don’t get McDonald’s. Bob talks about how he’s growing his beard out and the guys discuss their shaving habits. They discussed Marc son Vinny’s name history. Also B-Cide song our song the release date is moved to August 10th. More kid issues and parenting from Marc. The boys review the roast of Bruce Willis, Bob’s relationship issues and how they would be better if he knew Marc back then. And the guys joke about deaf low-budget Bob.

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