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October 9th, 2018

Episode 53

In this surprise BM the guys rip apart the gentlemen’s Corner barber shop and Cooperstown connection for their Dennis Rodman scam. They talked about how when these two companies get together and have an event they overcharge you for a VIP ticket that gets you nothing extra than a regular ticket. They also questioned how the place can still stay in business when they’re losing money on these events even though they’re overcharging for fake VIP tickets. They talk about past shows and even the Ric Flair show that they were at. And paid for VIP tickets so they know firsthand how the VIP scam is nothing but to rip fans off. They also talked about how they brought in The Honky Tonk Man and put together their own show and it was 100 times better than anything the barber shop or Cooperstown connection can do. So if you’ve been ripped off buy them share this show give us a call on the pipeline and let us know about your experience and maybe we’ll talk about it on the air.

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