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October 25th, 2018

Episode 55

In this live show the guys add a disclaimer before the show. Just to cover their ass from the shit that comes out of their mouth. Mark rants about the yentas in New York Mills and how they have nothing better to do than bitch on Facebook about things they don’t fully have information about. Mainly the school system, the bus, the way their kids act on the bus. Bob will be having his own segment called Bob’s politics, and will be getting his own jingle and time to talk about politics or whatever the fuck you feels like. Today Bob mentions Kanye West talking with Trump and Alternate realities. They discuss the recent mailing of bombs to Democrats and people against Trump. Mark gives a plug to a new show he finds hilarious called the guest book on TBS. And they talked a little about Roman Reigns bout with leukemia no not at Wrestlemania but in real life Roman Reigns has leukemia.

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