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November 16th, 2018

Episode 56

It’s been two weeks since their last live show. And this week’s show Marc, clarifies more than he apologizes for some comments made two weeks ago. Then the guys catch you up on what you missed over the past two weeks. They talk about their adventures and Bob almost being raped/ sexually assaulted at the MnO Halloween party. They also talked some politics, some election results, and the importance of voting and why Marc should vote even though he’s a nudnik and don’t. They also talked about We also talked about Marc’s coughing fits and how he’s dying and may not live through till Thanksgiving. Also Marc tells a story on how he got fired from a job for farting. And in true BM talk fashion, Bob post a picture of one of his latest droppings and it’s big enough for Abe Lincoln to use on his Log Cabin

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