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April 13th, 2018

Episode 9 Steven Seagal B-Loated Birthday Special

The long awaited Steven Seagal Special.  Hear the boys wish Steven a happy B-loated birthday with guests such as Tom Arnold, John Leguizamo, Jean Claude Van damn, Jenny McCarthy, a Former Bond Girl, WWE COO Triple H and WWE Hall Of Famer Booker-T and King of All Media Howard Stern.  Hear bits like SeagalZilla and Casting Call with Stven Seagal.  Also Steven Seagal as Hannibal Lecter.  All this from (suppodedly) the golden Coral.  Learn how the Steven Seagal bit came to be and how the obsession with the fat actor began.  Also its Friday the 13th.  so there is a little horror talk about, Jason Voorhees.  And as always, please like, share and subscribe.  email us and thoughts and suggestions at bmtalk02@gmail.com.  check us out on facebook.  and twitter @bmtalk02

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